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Provider Resources

Sunflower Health Plan provides the tools and support you need to deliver the best quality of care. Please view our listing on the left, or below, that covers forms, guidelines, helpful links, and training.

Disability Assistance

Provider Accessibility Initiative COVID-19 Web Series

Sunflower, in partnership with the National Council on Independent Living, is pleased to provide timely recommendations from experts with disabilities on how our national network of providers can deliver disability-competent care during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Medical Equipment

The following vendors have extended discounts on ADA medical office equipment to Sunflower providers:

Teladoc Digital Mental Health

Our members are not alone. One in four people will have depression or anxiety at some point in their life. Now they can get help from the comfort and privacy of their home. Many health clubs focus on the body. Teladoc Mental Health focuses on the mind and spirit.

  • Personal – Daily exercises, eLearning tools, inspirational thoughts and activities made for each member needs.
  • Proven – Teladoc Mental Health will provide resources based on the latest research and clinical advice from a network of mental health care experts.
  • Private – Teladoc Mental Health has many processes in place to protect the privacy of our members.

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