Provider Portal Issue Updates

Having trouble registering for Sunflower portal access? See our troubleshooting help.

Below are the current and recent issues that have been identified with the Sunflower provider portal. Check here or the KanCare 2.0 Issue Log on the KMAP Bulletins website for updates.

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Troubleshooting your Sunflower portal account registration

Issue Possible Cause Suggested Solution
A user isn’t receiving their ‘Account Recover, Verification or Password Reset’ email. What username (email address) did you use to log in? If correct, check the following folders: Junk, spam, social or quarantine mail folders. While most emails are delivered in less than a minute, some email carriers still have intentional delays for mail security purposes. If unable to locate the email within 10-15 minutes, consider that the email may be blocked by internal mail system. Call your IT Help Desk. Tell the agent you are expecting emails from the address,, to set up your account.
Email is received, but after clicking on link, error says that the link is expired. When did you request the Account Recovery email?
  • Emails sent for account verification, password reset, and account recovery all have a link which expires in one hour (Account verification has been temporarily increased to sixteen (16) hours after it is sent)
  • If you continue to receive an error about an expired page, you may have an email security system that is preventing the link from working correctly.
  • The URL link in the email should start with and automatically forward you to the login for their intended health plan (e.g.,
You will need to access the login page to trigger a new email to be sent. Follow Up Steps: Call your IT Helpdesk if you continue to receive an expired error, as a security system may be preventing the link from functioning correctly.